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Tenant Advice

Ensure your rights are protected by engaging with the right landlords. Time and time again we hear stories of tenants being treated unfairly by withholding of deposits without due cause, illegal evictions or just poor maintenance of minimum standards set out by the department of housing. Landlords who engage with professional licenced property service providers are more likely to adhere their obligations set out by the Residential tenancies Act. You can rest assured at Homes From Holmes Lettings & tenancy management your rights will be protected as we only deal with landlords who have a shared goal in mind which is providing long term quality housing for fair market rent. Some of your rights as a tenant.

  • A property that is presented and maintained in good condition.
  • A legal tenancy agreement
  • Your right to live peacefully and with exclusive occupation of the dwelling
  • Adherence to the valid notice periods, rent reviews and terminations should they be applicable.
  • The option to refer a dispute to the residential tenancies board (RTB)
  • Prompt repayment of any deposit that is due after the end of a tenancy.
  • Reasonable notice should the landlord require access to the property.

The key to a smooth tenancy is having a good relationship with your agent and landlord. Communication is especially important, and we encourage you to engage with your agent where necessary.

A summary of the tenants’ responsibilities

  • Prompt payment of rent in full and when it falls due.
  • Maintain the property in good condition whilst notifying the landlord of any items that need repair and attention. Allowing inspections at reasonable intervals and agreed times to ascertain any such repairs and permit the necessary access to the relevant tradespeople.
  • Keep a record of all repairs. Payments that you may have carried out only at the request of your landlord/agent.
  • Ensure no damage is caused to the property i.e drying clothes inside without adequate ventilation as this can cause damp and mould.
  • Adhere to any special conditions agreed at the start of the tenancy i.e if no pets are allowed or if additional pets have joined your family, you must notify your landlord/agent.
  • Notify your landlord/agent of any additional tenants staying in the house for extended periods of time (not guests or visitors)
  • Behave responsibly and not engage in any anti-social behaviour or allow any guests to your home behave in any manner which is anti-social.
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